Eli Geller(non-registered)
Beautiful website Paul! You have a fantastic eye.
You really have a beautiful eye for light and texture and I could list a multitude of superlatives about your work, but I think it's best to just say thank you for the journey!

Thank you for your kind comments!
Victoria Evans(non-registered)
Ann's Christmas tree grove buffered by the distant fog blanket makes me image Santa's elves dancing out into the foreground!

Tristan's eye for patterns captures more of my mathematical brain, and I long to poke my fingers through the lacy holes beaten in the rock by the ocean.

My favorite so far of Paul's, besides the ones that transport me to houses and mountain paths, is the ribbons of bright colors dripping down the wavy Marin harbor water.

Thank you for putting these soothing images in my brain!

Kate Schuyler(non-registered)

Your photographs are beautiful! I always enjoy seeing what you see as you compose the frame. Congratulations on getting a website set up. (I tried clicking on About but it appears you haven't completed that section yet?)
C Razo(non-registered)
Just beautiful compositions....!!
Paul Brenner(non-registered)

Thanks so much for your kind comment!

I just set this up: I'd been looking for a site that was easy to use, looked good without all sorts of customization, and was inexpensive. I set it up about two weeks ago.
Hopefully this will be directed to your email address, as I seem to have lost it.

Best regards,

Jerry Clark(non-registered)
Have always admired your work. Best regards.
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